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BCIC is not just a place of work but a way of life… it’s a culture where you live the vision and values of the Company daily in everything you do and everyone you interact with both at and outside of work. When I think about where I work and the people I work with I am truly privileged to be working with some of the youngest, brightest and most innovative minds in Jamaica. Even though we are assigned different tasks we are a team, a family in fact. If you need help with something someone is always willing to assist even if it is not directly related to what they do. I enjoy working in the dynamic team environment and what makes it even more exciting is that every day is different. Working with the BCIC team is priceless… It’s a motivating experience which empowers you to want to know, do and be more every day. – Davee- BCIC staff member

BCIC HRM Mission & Purpose


The mission of the HRM Department is to give our internal customers peace of mind by providing best practice HR services that attract, sustain and inspire excellence in people.  Our Vision is to foster a learning environment in which People Thrive, Performance Excels and Business Grow.

HRM Purpose: Helping employees and managers achieve the goals they set for themselves and for the business

HRM Service Promise:  Simple systems, solutions and innovative approaches.

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