Other Policy Discount

Save up to 5% on your car insurance when you insure your home, other property or other vehicles with BCIC.

VMBS Saver's Discount

We are family and families take care of their own. Benefit from a 10% Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS) saver's discount on your car insurance. Not a part of the family yet? Open a savings account and qualify for a discount today

VMBS Mortgage Discount

Save big when you are approved for a VMBS mortgage! Benefit from a 15% discount on your first year car insurance premium.

Early Bird Discount

Get J$1,500 off your annual premium when you pay in full for your new policy or on or before your policy renewal date.

Mature Driver Discount

Are you 60 or over? Then you can qualify for up to 20% off your car insurance premium. This is simply because seniority has its benefits.

Restricted Driving Discount

When you restrict the driving of your car to yourself and two (2) named drivers you can benefit from a 10% discount. Simply provide us with driving details for your drivers and see how you can benefit. Get this now at here

Anti-Theft Device (GPS) Discount

Insure a car with a GPS tracking device and earn 10% off your car insurance. Call us at 1-888-BCIC-INS (1-888-2242-467) to see if you qualify for this discount or visit here for a quote.

No Fault Discount (NFD)

Your driving record is important when determining the price for your motor insurance. Your NFD is the discount that you earn if you do not make an at-fault claim on your car insurance policy. This discount is one of the best ways to get lower insurance premiums and can go to a high of 60%. It is transferable from one company to the next and from one vehicle to another. Just call us at 1-888-BCIC-INS (1-888-2242-467) to ask us how it works for you.