Other Insurance Policies
  • All Risks

    Loss or damage to the property insured as a result of accident or misfortune however caused and not otherwise excluded from the policy.

  • Bonds

    A guarantee to pay a sum of money in the event of failure to perform under the relevant contract.

  • Burglary

    Loss or damage to property following forcible and violent entry into or exit from premises.

  • Business Interruption

    Loss of gross profit/revenue due to reduction in turnover consequent upon the damage to the insured’s premises by fire and/or allied perils.

  • Computer Insurance

    Any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to data processing equipment, electronic accounting and invoicing machines, x-ray and ultrasonic instruments etc.

  • Contractors’ All Risks

    Unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to the contract works, construction, plant and machinery including removal of debris and professional fees. Legal Liability to the public may be covered.

  • Electronic Equipment

    Unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to electronic equipment including software and increased cost of working.

  • Employers’ Liability

    Legal liability , as a result of employers negligence , whereby compensation for bodily injury or death is paid to an employee as a result of an incident arising out of the course of their employment.

  • Engineering / Machinery Breakdown

    Accidental loss or damage to machinery caused by electrical or mechanical breakdown.

  • Fidelity Guarantee

    Pecuniary losses, which result from acts of fraud and dishonesty committed by employees.

  • Fire and Allied Perils

    Loss or damage to property caused by fire , earthquake , hurricane, flood and other perils as specified.

  • Goods in Transit

    Accidental loss or damage to commercial goods whilst in transit.

  • House and Contents (Home Insurance)

    Range of cover including fire , earthquake and other specified perils for loss or damage to building and contents with ” All Risks ” options for valuable property.

  • Money Insurance

    Loss or damage to money whilst on premises or in transit caused by fire, burglary and Acts of God.

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance

    Cover for loss of/or damage to motor vehicles (car, bus, truck, etc.) and /or liabilities arising out of their use.

  • Plate Glass

    Accidental breakage to fixed glass contained in commercial property.

  • Public Liability

    Legal liability for property damage, death or bodily injury sustained by other persons caused by negligent acts arising from the operations of the insured’s business.