Please consider the guidelines provided below, which will assist you in submitting a request for sponsorship.

BCIC is passionate about creating positive change and impacting the lives of others through charitable corporate contributions as well as employee volunteerism. We are keen to embrace and support partnerships and programs that align with our strategic objectives, mission, vision and values.

Selection Criteria

BCIC’s vision is to be the most motivated, empowered team in our market, living our values in service of our customers. We are committed to supporting initiatives or activities which have the capacity to meaningfully contribute to community development especially if there is an emphasis/ focus on education.

We are also interested in sponsorships that will help form positive associations with our brand and also enhance our brand presence and visibility with our prospective and current clients/customers, employees, business partners and the communities surrounding the areas within which we operate or do business. Consideration is given to following types of requests:

  • Commercial Sponsorships

Requests for commercial sponsorship are selected and their suitability evaluated based on meeting the following criteria:

  • Enhancing brand awareness, complementing brand values and creating positive exposure
  • Ability to reach clearly defined targeted audiences and build relationships
  • Highlighting products and/ or services of BCIC
  • Availability of sole sponsorship rights, or exclusivity within the general insurance industry
  • Presence of insurance or non- insurance sponsors who portray a positive image which can be positively associated with or aligned to BCIC
  • Possibility of and/or extent to which the benefits packages includes branding or signage, publicity, displays, advertising and generates media coverage
  • Provision of opportunities available to strengthen customer relations and build business relationships
  • Educational, Non- profit & Community Activities

Requests for o Educational, Non- profit & Community sponsorship are selected and their suitability evaluated based on meeting the following criteria:

  • Demonstrating positive influence or change with lasting benefit to the educational institution, non- profit organization or community activity
  • Reputation of the recipients of sponsorship should have a positive public image which can be positively associated with or aligned to BCIC
  • Potential to result in improved public safety and awareness
  • Possibility of a long term involvement and potential for direct participation of BCIC employees

 Please note, meeting the abovementioned criteria does not guarantee sponsorship.


  • An individual, family or small group/team seeking support for personal interests
  • Political or religious groups, unless they are affiliated with an organization which benefits the community as a whole
  • An event which is due to commence within the next (1) month.


The review and approval process, facilitated by our Sponsorship Requests Committee, is conducted on a regular basis. We aim to review all requests within 15 working days of receipt and will contact you via email or phone to confirm our position.


Application Submission

If you are interested in submitting a sponsorship request, please click here, complete the Sponsorship Application Form and forward with any relevant documentation to: